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Charitable Organizations and Fund Raising

Charitable organizations, fund-raising counsels, and professional fund-raisers are regulated under Chapter 202, subchapters I and II, of the Wisconsin Statutes. Charitable organizations are organizations that are established for a charitable purpose. Fund-raising counsels plan, manage, advise, consult, or prepare materials with respect to solicitations for charitable organizations. Professional fund-raisers request contributions that will be used for a charitable purpose or that will benefit a charitable organization.

What's New

Update for Charitable Organizations

Several changes have taken place regarding State of Wisconsin regulation of Charitable Organizations. Please see the Legislative Council Memo regarding 2015 WI Act 163.

You may also see the statutes affected by the changes.

Donor Information

The following section is designed to provide donors with tips to ensure that their charitable gift will be used as intended and to answer questions about charities and charitable giving.

Online Services for Charities and Fundraisers

Important Information for Charities and Fundraisers

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