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Charitable Organizations and Fund Raising

Charitable organizations, fund-raising counsels, and professional fund-raisers are regulated under Chapter 202, subchapters I and II, of the Wisconsin Statutes. Charitable organizations are organizations that are established for a charitable purpose. Fund-raising counsels plan, manage, advise, consult, or prepare materials with respect to solicitations for charitable organizations. Professional fund-raisers request contributions that will be used for a charitable purpose or that will benefit a charitable organization.

Wisconsin Charitable Organization RenewalRenew Online NOW!

Professional Fundraisers - Renew Online - Log in with your Credential Number and PIN to begin the easy Renewal Process.

Charitable Organizations - The online renewal period for charitable organizations has closed. If your registration has expired, you will need to reapply for a new charitable organization credential before you can solicit contributions in Wisconsin. Click on the black "Forms" button to the right to obtain an application. Use application form #296.

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