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March 11, 2003 Contact: Cheryl Weiss
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Beloit Memorial Students Win Finance and Investment Challenge Bowl

(Madison) A team of students from Beloit Memorial High School has won the 2003 Beloit/Janesville Finance and Investment Challenge Bowl. The competition took place as part of youth activities at the 2003 Beloit/Janesville Money Conference held Saturday at Blackhawk Technical College.

Members of the first-place team known as NASDAQ included Brian Duehr, Shane Papendorf, and Tony Dao. Tom Michaels served as coach of the team. Team members had to answer questions about financial topics in a 10-team, round-robin format to win the Challenge Bowl. The goal of the competition is to help students become more aware of and knowledgeable about financial topics.

Prizes going to each team member included a $50 savings bond for participation in the competition and an additional $100 savings bond for the first-place finish. The team also received a trophy for its accomplishment. Coach Michael received a $100 gift certificate.

"I am very proud of these students for winning this competition," said Dr. Bette Lang, superintendent, School District of Beloit. "They deserve congratulations. It is well documented that today's students lack financial knowledge yet at the same time they are entering a world of increasingly complex financial products and services. Financial skills and knowledge gained at an early age will last a lifetime and these students have taken a big step in obtaining them."

Members of the second-place team known as Janesville Parker 1 included Amy Kettle, Laura Hendrickson, Eric Hoeft, and Phil Castillo. Each received a $50 savings bond for participation in the Challenge Bowl and an additional $75 savings bond for their second place finish. The team also received a runner-up trophy. Their coach John Zimmerman received a $50 gift certificate.

"This is a fine example of Beloit/Janesville cooperation and competition for the two cities," added Dr. Thomas Evert, superintendent, School District of Janesville.

The Money Conference, sponsored by Asset builders of America, offers unbiased financial information in a fun environment for the whole family. Benefits include adult and youth sessions, wealth-building tips, door prizes and games. For more information about the Finance and Investment Challenge Bowl and the Money Conference contact Richard Entenmann, president, Asset Builders of America, at 608-663-6332 or email: or David Mancl, Director of the Office of Financial Education at
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