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July 16, 2003 Contact: Cheryl Weiss
Communications Specialist
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Milwaukee Institute Fills to Capacity for Second Straight Year

(Madison) The Milwaukee Institute on Saving, Investing, and Insurance, has filled to capacity once more and is continuing to grow in stature in Wisconsin and across the country. The Institute is part of the Wisconsin Institute of Financial and Economic Education series, a teacher-training program. More than 50 teachers from diverse geographical locations in the state will attend the Institute in Milwaukee. The goal of the Institute is to teach educators how to instruct their students about personal finance, money management and economics, and to help the teachers themselves become better money managers.

"This popular program continues to grow, improve and make a difference," said Lorrie Keating Heinemann, Secretary of the Department of Financial Institutions (DFI). "Students will gain money management skills and an understanding of basic economics that will last them a lifetime. We are proud to take a leadership role with the Institute and we look forward to its continued expansion and success."

The Milwaukee Institute on Saving, Investing, and Insurance Week will be held on the campus of UW-Milwaukee, July 21-25, 2003. It expanded from a two-day program last year to a five-day seminar this year to provide more in-depth coverage of topics. Such topics include: how to really be a millionaire, the basics of a market economy, developing a financial plan, and tips on buying insurance to name a few.

The Institute also includes a tour of Milwaukee financial firms Northwestern Mutual and Robert W. Baird & Co.

The Milwaukee Institute results from a major collaborative effort between several key private and public partners who share a common goal of promoting financial education. Chief sponsors for this year's Milwaukee seminar are CBM Credit Education Foundation Inc., UW-Milwaukee, Northwestern Mutual, and DFI. The Institute also features top-notch instructors with national and local experience in the financial industry from both the public and private sector and a wealth of relevant teaching strategies, lesson plans and practical materials that fit today's fast-changing financial climate.

Credit & Money Week, another Wisconsin Institute of Financial & Economic Education, will be held August 4-8, 2003 in Madison at Edgewood College.

For more information about the Wisconsin Institute of Financial and Economic Education Series visit the DFI website at or contact David Mancl, Director, Office of Financial Education, DFI, at: 608-261-9540 or email him at: