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For Immediate Release
December 14, 2005  

New: Corporation Annual Reports and Other Documents Now Available online at DFI Website

(Madison) The Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) has announced that the public can now order copies of some corporation documents through the agency's website that previously were available only at the DFI office or by mail. Documents that can now be ordered online include:

-- A copy of a single-year Annual Report
--A copy of a charter document
--A copy of an Articles of Incorporation

DFI Secretary Lorrie Keating Heinemann said, "For customers who have become accustomed to shopping online, using the Department of Financial Institutions’ new Online Order System will be a familiar experience as the agency has adapted online shopping techniques to provide better and faster services to its customers."

Previously, the agency has accommodated visitors to its website who wished to create and quickly file many required business documents over the web. These included limited liability company filings, annual reports, or certificates of status. However, some services were still available only by mail after filling out a paper form, writing a check, and mailing off the request, or by making the request in person at DFI's Madison office.

Customers using the new system can now select from a list of available documents and services, pay online, select a delivery method, ship to any designated location, expedite a service if time is critical, and receive email confirmation from the department on what has been ordered and when it was shipped. Frequent users of DFI’s Online Order System will also be able to establish accounts that will allow them to automatically fill in customer names, email addresses, delivery preferences, and other data to save time.

The department will be continuing to add new service options to its Online Order System. In addition, the agency will be working to develop systems to deliver complex documents electronically to the customer. The new Online Order System can be found on the DFI website at under the "QuickFile" banner.