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April 14, 2006 Contact: Chuck Evenson

Stanley Correctional Institution’s Koenig Receives Award from First Lady Jessica Doyle

(Madison) Wisconsin First Lady Jessica Doyle presented Lori Koenig, financial literacy teacher at the Stanley Correctional Institution, with a 2006 Governor’s Financial Literacy Award during a ceremony at the Executive Residence in Maple Bluff on April 3. Ms. Koenig won the award for her work in promoting financial literacy to adult offenders at the Stanley Correctional Institution. The formal procedure was part of a ceremony that included presentation of the Governor’s Financial Literacy Awards and presentation of proclamations and commendations as part of April Saving and Investing Awareness Month.

Ms. Koenig was named a winner of the award by the Governor’s Council on Financial Literacy for her efforts to create a financial literacy course designed to help give inmates new skills to deal with money and personal finance. The course has been documented to help inmates increase their level of financial literacy at the same time that they are about to be released back into their communities. Many are minority and low-income individuals.

“It is an honor to present Lori Koenig with this award,” said Mrs. Doyle. “Her work is helping people who truly will benefit from getting better money skills and knowledge.”

Governor Doyle created the Governor’s Council on Financial Literacy last year to advise him on ways to improve the financial literacy of Wisconsin citizens. It is well documented that the lack of financial literacy is wide spread and it causes numerous social and economic problems. The Council created the Governor’s Financial Literacy Awards to honor deserving individuals and organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to financial literacy.

Eleven individuals and five organizations received the 2006 awards. They were based on four criteria: innovative implementation, demonstrated measurable results, collaboration with partners and scope—either statewide or having the potential to be statewide or focused to need-based groups.

For more information about the Governor’s Council on Financial Literacy and the Governor’s Financial Literacy Awards contact David Mancl, Director of DFI’s Office of Financial Literacy, at 608-261-9540 or email him at

The attached photo includes from (left to right): Wisconsin First Lady Jessica Doyle, Stanley Correctional Institution teacher, Lori Koenig and Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions Secretary Lorrie Keating Heinemann.