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February 02, 2006  

MoneySKILL’s $1,000 Prize Now Available to All Wisconsin High Schools

(Madison) All public and private high schools in the state are eligible to compete for the $1,000 prize in the Wisconsin MoneySKILL competition for spring semester 2006. The prize goes to the high school that has the most students complete MoneySKILL, the online financial-education tutorial, during the spring semester. Wisconsin was chosen to premier MoneySKILL because of its outstanding national reputation in promoting financial literacy. DFI provides administrative support for the MoneySKILL competition through its Office of Financial Literacy.

Individual teachers can also be winners. Any educator who has at least 20 students complete MoneySKILL wins a $100 award. Harley-Davidson Financial Services, Inc. (HDFS), a co-sponsor along with the Harley-Davidson Foundation, provides the prize money as a way to help introduce MoneySKILL and to promote financial literacy among Wisconsin students. HDFS provides wholesale and retail financing and insurance programs to Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealers and riders.

“I challenge all schools to enter the MoneySKILL competition,” said DFI Secretary Lorrie Keating Heinemann. “This resource stands out for many reasons. It costs nothing to use, requires little of an educator’s time and teaches students money skills that they can use for a lifetime. There is also the extra incentive and fun of the contest,” added Secretary Heinemann.

MoneySKILL is reality-based and shows students how to make informed financial decisions. It contains 34 “how-to” modules that focus on income, money management, spending, and credit and saving and investing. Teachers who want to use MoneySKILL require almost no training and need little class time to get their students started.

MoneySKILL was created and funded by the AFSA Education Foundation. The curriculum was first introduced in Wisconsin at the National Institute of Financial and Economic Literacy (NIFEL) in 2004. NIFEL offers three one-week sessions each summer that show educators how to teach their students about personal finance, money management and basic economics. It has been designated as “a recognized best practice for teacher training” by the Financial Literacy and Education Commission of the United States Department of the Treasury. NIFEL is produced by the Wisconsin Jumpstart Coalition, which was named the 2005 “State Coalition of the Year” and recently won a Governor’s Financial Literacy Award from the Governor’s Council on Financial Literacy for excellence in increasing financial literacy among Wisconsin citizens.

For more information about MoneySKILL or NIFEL call Teresa Walker at: 608-267-1713 or email her at: Educators may sign up for MoneySKILL at: