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For Immediate Release
February 23, 2009 Contact: Charles Evenson

Clarification of February 20, 2009 DFI Press Release

(Madison) Regarding the press release sent out Feb. 20, 2009 entitled New Lisbon Resident Russell J. Badder Pleads Guilty to Four Counts of Mail and Wire Fraud, the DFI reported that Mr. Badder was a “group leader teaching personal integrity” associated with Landmark Education.

According to the victims, Badder was training to be a seminar leader for Landmark Education, and led a course on at least one occasion. Landmark Education did not respond to an administrative subpoena from the Division of Securities requesting information about Badder’s involvement with Landmark; however, Landmark representatives now inform DFI that Landmark removed Badder from a training program after only three months because of inappropriate actions on his part, and assert that Badder never led a program on integrity or any other subject on its behalf.