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For Immediate Release
March 09, 2011 Contact: Charles Evenson


File Your Franchise Registration Online!

(Madison) In January of 2010, we made available a new web-based application which allows customers to file franchise registrations and amendments online. Wisconsin is the first and only state to provide for electronic filing of franchise registrations and amendments.  Since that time, more than 220 franchise registrations and amendments have been made online!

The online filing process provides a simple way to upload the franchise disclosure document (in PDF format) and filers can avoid the printing and mailing costs associated with traditional paper-based filings. We encourage franchisors to use the new online application.  The online filing process takes only 10 minutes, and DFI receives the filing instantly. 

And there is NO additional fee for filing online!

In Wisconsin, franchise registrations and amendments are effective upon receipt.  As such, your filing will become effective as soon as the online filing process is complete!   You can also check the effective date of your filings from the convenience of any PC connected to the internet.

A link to the online filing application can be found on DFI’s homepage under the “I Want To File…” menu, and at:

We hope you enjoy the ease, convenience, and cost savings of using DFI’s Franchise E-Filing online system.