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For Immediate Release
March 09, 2011 Contact: Charles Evenson


DFI's New Website

(Madison) We would like to introduce you to the new Department of Financial Institution’s web page.  Although frequent visitors to our web site will recognize many familiar elements, they will also notice that we have added a number of new features and ways to connect with our Department and its services. 

Key elements of our new design is the drop down menus on the left hand side of the page which links customers to the e-business services of the Department.  These links will take users directly to program services where they will be able to file documents, search for information, and access agency services quickly and efficiently.  The Department is providing an ever-increasing share of its services over the web and the drop down menu approach will allow users to go directly to the services they want without having to drill down through our website’s programs to find what they’re looking for be it a contact or to confirm a fee.

The new site also reorganizes each Division and its program information in an easy to use banner across the top of the page.  These links will provide a window to the detailed information that customers are looking for on our programs, regulatory efforts and new developments.  This banner also provides a method for customers to contact us, to find information and ask questions.  Increasingly, our customers are electing to contact us electronically rather than using the traditional routes of mail or telephone and this new feature builds on that trend. 

Traditional information about the organization and history of our Department, along with detail on Administrative Rules, fees, contacts and forms is still available and can be found under the drop down menus located on the left side of the page. 

Introducing new features on our web site is always exciting, but we are especially pleased that we will be providing featured articles that will connect you to key information, ideas and organizations.  The items that we feature will change over time but they will always reflect core issues for the State of Wisconsin and our Department.  You will find our featured articles in the center of our page. 

We appreciate you visiting and using our web site and hope that we have successfully matched your interests and needs.  If you would like to provide a comment on our new design, please e-mail us and give us your views and input.  If you have trouble finding a link, you may click here to see the old home page for a limited time as we continue to improve our website.