Press Releases

July 14, 1998

CONTACT: Lisa Roys
Patricia Struck,


Robo Enterprises, Inc.; Robo-Southeast Ohio Natural Gas, LLP;
David G. Rose a/k/a Sam Tooley; Richard P. "Ric" Underwood;
Raymon D. Ingram; Martha Lu Nunn; Karl D. Niles; Daniel L. Morel;
David A. Stewart, Jr.; Jeffrey L. Nicholas; Jeff Dammeyer;
Deborah Pearce; Paul Craig Hayden a/k/a Craig Hayden;
Michael F. Wright; Donard Mark Haynes; Marc H. Jones
Carl E. Flewallen; Frances Maria Alexander;
Linda M. Hay; and Calvin Campbell
Bowling Green, KY

(Madison, Wisconsin) Department of Financial Institutions - Division of Securities Administrator Patricia D. Struck issued Administrative Orders of Prohibition and Revocation against Robo Enterprises, Inc., Robo-Southeast Ohio Natural Gas, LLP, David G. Rose a/k/a Sam Tooley, Richard P. "Ric" Underwood, Raymon D. Ingram, Martha Lu Nunn, Karl D. Niles, Daniel L. Morel, David A. Stewart, Jr., Jeffrey L. Nicholas, Jeff Dammeyer, Deborah Pearce, Paul Craig Hayden a/k/a Craig Hayden, Michael F. Wright, Donard Mark Haynes, Marc H. Jones, Carl E. Flewallen, Frances Maria Alexander, Linda M. Hay, and Calvin Campbell, of Bowling Green, Kentucky.

The Orders were based on allegations of fraud in the offer of securities by an unlicensed broker-dealer and agents, during 1998, of securities in the form of "units of ownership" in Robo-Southeast Ohio Natural Gas, LLP, a natural gas well venture. Orders also alleged that the offers and sales violated anti-fraud provisions as a result of failure to disclose to the Wisconsin offerees that several state securities agencies had previously issued administrative orders against various of the Respondents for securities law violations. In addition, the staff alleged that the person offering the securities in Wisconsin stated that the commission paid for sales of investments in the venture is 10%, while the Regulation D Uniform Limited Offering Exemption filing made by the Respondents stated that no salaries and fees will be paid to officers, directors or others for sales of the units in the LLP.

The Orders were issued after an investigation conducted by Attorney David Cohen, Examiner Mark Dorman, and Legal Assistant Sue Kittel Moore and prohibit the Respondents from further unlicensed broker-dealer and agent activity, from anti-fraud violations, from making a false or misleading filing with this agency, and revoke future securities registration exemptions.

Administrator Struck urged people to carefully investigate any potential investment opportunities thoroughly by contacting the Department of Financial Institutions to learn more about the kinds of investments they are being offered. People can contact the Department of Financial Institutions at (608) 266-5555 or toll-free at 1-800-472-4325.