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Consumer Credit Forms Review

Submitting Forms

For quickest turn-around time, you may attach a form saved as a Microsoft Word document or Adobe Acrobat file to an e-mail by clicking here: Submit a form.Submit form . To request an interpretation regarding an act, practice or procedure, you may submit it in an e-mail message by clicking here: E-mail an interpretive opinion request.Interpretive Opinion Request . If we are unable to open an attached document, we will notify you and request submission via facsimile or conventional mail. By law, we have 60 days to review your request. Electronically-submitted requests generally take less time than other methods of submission. If the request is not sent electronically, three copies of the form (only one copy of an interpretive opinion request is necessary) must be submitted to the following address:

Department of Financial Institutions
Bureau of Consumer Affairs
4822 Madison Yards Way, North Tower
PO Box 8041
Madison WI 53708-8041

If the form is submitted electronically, it is not necessary to include three copies.