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Wisconsin’s Marital Property Law

Rights of the Spouse

Generally, the non-applicant spouse is treated like a customer and stands in the shoes of the applicant spouse insofar as rights and remedies under the Wisconsin Consumer Act are concerned ( Adobe PDF Document  Sec. 766.565, Stats. (PDF: external link)).  However, except for a notice of adverse change in the terms of an open-end credit plan and notice of extension of credit, a non-applicant spouse is not entitled to any notices required to be given the applicant spouse (Adobe PDF Document  Sec. 766.565(2), Wis. Stats. (PDF: external link)).

The notice of adverse change is deemed given the date it is mailed and may be addressed to the incurring spouse if the face of the envelope bears notice that the contents contain important information for both spouses. The result of the failure to give such a notice is to make any rate increase ineffective as to the interest of the non-applicant spouse in marital property (Adobe PDF Document  Sec. 422.415, Wis. Stats (PDF: external link)).