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User Manuals Available for New UCC and Trademark System

User Manuals are now available to help customers become familiar with many of the basic functions of our new UCC and Trademark System. These files can be found on our UCC main page.

Treasurer Sarah Godlewski, Secretary-designee Kathy Blumenfeld, and Executive Secretary Connie Hutchison discuss problem of student loan debt in Wisconsin

MADISON - Treasurer Sarah Godlewski, Department of Financial Institutions Secretary-designee Kathy Blumenfeld, Executive Secretary of the Higher Educational Aids Board Connie Hutchison sat down to discuss the $24 billion student loan debt problem in our state.

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Be An Informed Investor On Cross-Selling

MADISON – Cross-selling in the financial services industry is a sales technique used to persuade an existing customer to purchase securities or other products that may or may not be related to their initial business or purchase.

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Wisconsin Investor Awareness Alert: Robo-advisers

MADISON – Investors are increasingly turning to robo-advisers to help them manage their investment portfolios. The term "robo-adviser" refers to electronic platforms that provide automated investment advisory services to customers utilizing computer algorithms developed by the platform's sponsors. The ability to easily access roboadvisers via smartphone apps and online portals is contributing to their increasing popularity. The automated nature of the model often means robo-advisers may offer their services at a comparatively lower cost.

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MADISON – Money Smart Week is an ideal time for media to share tips, events and strategies to help Wisconsin consumers make sound financial decisions, better handle their finances and achieve better financial well-being for themselves and their families.

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What Costs Wisconsin motorists an average of $637 per year?

Unfortunately, the answer is crumbling roads throughout our state
MADISON – Wisconsin roads are among the worst in the country -- and that is a big financial headache for Wisconsinites, as well as safety hazard and an annoyance while driving. Crumbling roads, bridges and other infrastructure are a concern throughout the rural, urban and suburban areas of our state. They hamper economic development, cause safety concerns and waste commute time. Bad roads present a very high cost in the budget of the average vehicle owner in Wisconsin.

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