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Checking Accounts

You can also sign up for a checking account. A checking account is similar to a savings account. Some checking accounts will even earn interest on your money.

You receive a book with checks when you open this type of account. As you have probably seen before, most places of business accept a check as a form of payment. That is because when you use check as payment, the money is subtracted from your checking account.

Bouncy, bouncy.But, you have to keep enough money in your account to cover the checks you are writing. If not, your check will bounce. That is why it is important to keep track of the amount you spent using checks.

What are the advantages of a checking account if I don’t gain interest?
Safety: You don’t have to carry around cash, it’s safe in the bank.

Convenience: You won’t have to go to the bank to get cash every time you need money. You can just write a check.

Record keeping: If you have bills to pay, a check is a good way to keep track of what you have paid, and what you have not.

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