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  1. What is not possible when you put money in a piggy bank?
    it getting stolen
    losing money because of inflation
    earning interest
    it getting lost
    don't know

  2. What is the financial term inflation?
    filling up an account with money
    the amount of money in a piggy bank
    the general price increase of goods and services in an economy
    the FDIC's outlook on the economy
    don't know

  3. Who insures your funds at a bank or savings institution?
    don't know

  4. What is the NCUA?
    the organization that insures credit union accounts
    the federal bank regulator
    the president of a credit union
    the Money Hall of Fame
    don't know

  5. What causes a check to bounce?
    someone added too much money to their checking account
    the account holder wrote a check for more money than what they have in their account
    there is a higher interest rate
    there is more rubber in it
    don't know

  6. What is not an advantage of a checking account?
    record keeping
    annual fee
    don't know

  7. How much interest will $100 earn in an account for a year? Assume a 5% interest rate.
    don't know

  8. How do you take money out of your checking account?
    write a check
    ask for it
    write your bank a letter
    you don't take money out of a checking account
    don't know