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Trademarks and Tradenames

The name of a business or product, a label, logo, or form of advertisement are some examples of items that may be registered with the Department of Financial Institutions. The registration is not required, but is a good way to notify the public of the use of a certain name or mark. The filing fee is $15, and the registration remains on record for 10 years. A registration may be "assigned" to another party during the 10 year period, and may be renewed before the 10 year time period has expired.

Adobe PDF Document General information on Tradenames and Trademarks for Wisconsin

Adobe PDF Document Registration or Renewal of Tradename/Trademark
     For new registrants and renewals

Adobe PDF Document Assignment of Tradename/Trademark
     To transfer the Tradename/Trademark to a new entity

Adobe PDF Document Cancellation of Tradename/Trademark

Trademark and Tradename Database Search

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