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Trademark Frequently Asked Questions

Trademark FAQs

How long does a trademark registration last in Wisconsin?
The registration expires 10 years from the date of registration unless you renew the registration within six months of the date of expiration.

Is a trademark registration required in Wisconsin?
No, the registration is not required, but is a good way to notify the public of the use of a certain name or mark.

How do I file a trademark online?
You can create a free account in the Trademark filing system to begin filing trademark registrations. Once the review of the document is completed, you will receive an email with the results or you can view the results in your online submission history.

Does the Registration, Renewal and Assignment need to be notarized?
Yes, most trademark filings are required to be notarized. Once your application is filled out online, you will print the application and “save application for later date” in your online account. The application can then be signed in the presence of a notary and the notarized form can be uploaded for submission upon returning to your saved online filing.

How much does a Trademark cost to register?
There is a $15 filing fee for each name, phrase, design, or logo to be registered.

How much does a cancellation or change of address or contact information cost?
Trademark cancellations and amendments are free to file and are not required to be notarized.

How can I search for trademarks already registered in Wisconsin?
You can click on Search Registered Trademarks box in the main menu dropdown or visit the Trademark filing system and create a free account. Once you have logged into your account you may perform basic and advanced searches for no fee.

Who can register a Trademark?
Trademarks can be registered by a sole proprietor or by an entity as long as the entity is registered with Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions Corporations Bureau.

Can a Trademark be an entity’s name?
Yes, if the entity is registered with Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions Corporations Bureau and the entity is the registrant on the application. (The registrant and name to be trademarked must match to be registered)