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Certificates and Certified Copy Fees

For Ordering certificates, you may Order a Certificate of Status online, Order a Certified Copy or a Simple Copy online, or order by mail using Form SP48-50. Requests are processed in the order they are received, and may take up to 10 business days. Expedited processing is available for $25.00 per document. Complete instructions are within the online form and on the paper form.

Delivery: Documents are sent via US Mail to the address indicated within the order, unless otherwise stated. Options are by email, fax or courier service (you must provide your account number).

Item Content Fee
Certificate of Status Provides the entity's current name, effective date of incorporation, organization, or qualification, its current status, and identifies it as either a domestic or foreign entity. (Referred to in some states as a certificate of "good standing") $10.00
Certificate of Status – Long Form Same information as a certificate of status, but expanded to provide other facts on record as may be requested, such as previous names, a list of charter documents on file, the name and address of its registered agent and office in Wisconsin, etc. $10.00
Certified Copy of an Individual Document A complete copy of a specified charter document, annual report, or other instrument on record. $10.00
Certified Copy of Articles of Incorporation or Organization (Charter Documents) A complete copy of the articles of incorporation or organization, including all subsequent amendments, mergers, restatements, and articles of dissolution, if any. If the file contains restated articles of incorporation, the record supplied will commence from the most recent restated articles forward, including any subsequent amendments, articles of merger, etc., unless you specify "all charter documents from the beginning". $10.00
Certificate of Status or Certified Copy, notarized for use in a foreign country Same as certificate of status or certified copy, but for use outside the United States. Certification is prepared in a form suitable for application of an Apostille or Authentication by the Secretary of State of Wisconsin or DFI's Apostille Section. Please view a list of countries covered here. $10.00

For more Corporations Fee info, please see the Corporations Fee Chart (Condensed).