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2021 Wisconsin Act 258 was enacted on April 15, 2022. The Act makes several revisions to Chapters 178, 179, 180, 181, and 183 of the Wisconsin Statutes, including modifications to the required content or fees associated with some types of filings. For those filings affected by Act 258, the DFI Corporations Bureau’s forms page now includes new or updated forms. Documents filed with the Corporations Bureau after April 16, 2022 should use the updated forms. Document fees are reflected on the relevant form or on the Corporations Bureau’s online fee schedule.

Corporation Section Filing Forms

Fraudulent Filing Notice: It is a Class I felony in Wisconsin for a person to knowingly file a false corporate document if the person intends that document to be filed or delivered to the Department of Financial Institutions. The Department reports fraudulent filings to the Department of Justice or local district attorneys for criminal prosecution. See Wis. Stat. sections 178.0120 (4), 180.0129, 181.0129, and 185.825.

Corporations Forms

Note: The forms on the following pages are those in common use and except where indicated, their use is optional. The forms are numbered in series, each appropriate for filings under the same statutory chapter. Forms that may be used under more than one chapter are identified by parentheses around the form number.

Certain forms are prescribed by statute for specified types of transactions. Their use is mandatory and is indicated with an asterisk(*) next to the form name after clicking on the links below.

Corporation, Business - domestic & foreign  (Ch. 180)

Corporation, Nonstock, not for profit - domestic & foreign  (Ch. 181)

Unincorporated Nonprofit Association (Ch. 184)

Cooperative Association (Ch. 185)

Limited Partnership - domestic & foreign (Ch. 179)

Limited Liability Company - domestic & foreign (Ch. 183)

Limited Liability Partnership & General Partnership - domestic & foreign (Ch. 178)

Unincorporated Cooperative Association (Ch. 193)

Common Law Trust (Business Trust) - domestic & foreign (Sec. 226.14)

Cable/Video Franchise (Ch. 66.0420)

Adobe PDF Document Certificate of Status and Simple/Certified Copywork

Adobe PDF Document  Organizing a Service Corporation - (Form 58)

Adobe PDF Document  Organizing a Statutory Close Corporation - (Form 59)

Adobe PDF Document  Organizing a Benefit Corporation - (Form 61)

Adobe PDF Document  Benefit Corporations FAQ - (Form 62)

Employer Identification Number ("EIN")

Wisconsin Employer Registration