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Investment Adviser Guide


Renewal applications for investment advisers and investment adviser representatives are handled through the IARD. Preliminary Renewal Rosters containing the fees for all jurisdictions in which the firm is currently registered or notice filed are made available through the IARD in November of each year. The IARD sets a deadline date in December when firms must have their renewal payments completed. Firms that fail meet the deadline to deposit sufficient funds with the IARD will be listed as Failed to Renew and will be terminated at year end. When such firms are termed, all investment adviser representatives and branches associated with those advisers will also be termed. IARD will send out complete payment instructions with the renewal roster.

The fees for renewal are:

  • $200 for the firm
  • $80 for each registered investment adviser representative
  • $80 for each branch office located in Wisconsin.

Branch office renewals for state registered investment advisers are included on the Preliminary Renewal Roster. Federal covered advisers must review their list of branches using the Branch Office Online application on the DFI website beginning in the middle of October. Renewals can be accomplished using BOO and paying by credit card or e-check. If the firm is unable to renew via credit card or e-check, it should print the list of branches from BOO and mail it to the Division along with a check for the required renewal fees. All renewals must be completed or received by the Division by December 1st, or the closest working day prior to that date. The date they are actually received in the Division is the date they are deemed filed. The date of the postmark will not be accepted. You can view a tutorial on using BOO for branch office renewals by going to the BOO Renewal Tutorial page of the DFI website.

The home office of the firm should not be listed as a branch office. The branch office filing requirement applies only to offices located in Wisconsin other than the home office.

If the renewals are received after the due date, the firm will be charged a delinquent filing fee of $100.00 per branch ( ยง DFI-Sec 7.01(6)(d), Wis. Adm. Code).