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UCC Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I file?

A UCC can be filed online or submitted to the Department of Financial Institutions using a paper form.

What makes a UCC form standard?

The National UCC Financing Statements are the only forms accepted for filing as standard. Any other form you would use would be considered nonstandard. Only one copy is required.

Where can I get UCC forms?

On the forms page.

Who do I make a check payable to?

Make checks payable to Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions.

How long is my filing active?

A financing statement is active for five years, statutory agricultural lien for five years, transmitting utility is perpetual, Public Finance Lien is thirty years and Manufactured Home Lien is thirty years. A continuation will extend the filing for another term.

Does a termination change the status of a filing?

No, the termination does not change the status of a filing in the Central Filing System. The filing remains active in the database until it reaches its expiration date.

Questions relating to Uniform Commercial Code Liens should be directed to:

Department of Financial Institutions
Division of Corporate and Consumer Services
Uniform Commercial Code Section

Mailing Address:
PO Box 7847
Madison, WI 53707

Express Mail Address:
201 W Washington Ave, Suite 300
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Contact Us:
UCC Information: 608-266-8915
UCC Fax: 608-264-7965

For questions relating to a Lien release on a Motor Vehicle Title, call DFI Division of Banking at (608) 261-7578.