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Credit Card Tips

  • Record the names, account numbers and addresses of card companies and keep that information in a safe place.
  • Never give out your card number or Social Security number to any solicitor.
  • To destroy a card, cut it vertically through the account number and advise your financial institution in writing that the card is no longer wanted.
  • Sign cards, and destroy expired cards.
  • Treat cards as if they were cash. Do not carry unnecessary cards.
  • Never leave cards, or card receipts (which often have the card number on them) in cars.
  • At home, keep cards out of sight
  • Make sure after each purchase the card is returned, and make sure it is the right card
  • Never lend a card to a friend
  • Keep a copy of drafts and check them against monthly statements
  • If requested, provide a merchant with identification.
  • Contact your financial institution immediately if you notice fraudulent activity on bills.
  • Always notify your financial institution immediately if a card is lost or stolen. Also, call the police and request a case number, which should then be provided to the financial institution.
  • Possibly the greatest sources of credit cards, checks and other negotiable items to fraud artists are mailboxes. Consider a locking device for your mailbox.