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 What is Investing?

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Time Value of Money

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  1. How do you figure out how long it will take to double your money?
    read the investing almanac
    ask your teacher
    the Rule of 72
    just guess
    don't know

  2. What investing option allows you to make the most money?
    savings bond
    mutual funds
    money markets
    don't know

  3. Who insures your stocks?
    your broker
    no one, that is the risk you take
    don't know

  4. What is a maturity date?
    the age your mother lets you start dating
    the day retirement funds are released
    the date on which a debt becomes due for payment
    the date your bond is issued
    don't know

  5. What is a fixed rate?
    a loan in which the interest rate does not change during the entire term of the loan
    the amount a financial institution charges your for bouncing a check
    the length of a bond agreement
    a rate that has been broken and then glued together
    don't know

  6. A dividend is:
    the amount of money a savings bond is worth
    the total amount of money you have in investments
    stock share earnings
    money your stock broker makes on fees
    don't know

  7. What is the best investment option for long term savings?
    savings bond
    savings account
    money markets
    don't know

  8. When should you start saving for retirement?
    when you get your first job
    when you get married
    when you have children
    as soon as possible
    don't know